Advocacy without analysis lacks credibility. Analysis without advocacy will have no audience. We must be both rigorous analysts and influential adovcates to have impact.

I have spent 20 years developing climate strategies for governments, international organizations, development banks, philanthropies, companies, think tanks and civil society. If Michael Porter is correct that "strategy is about making choices", I have helped these diverse stakeholders to chose the resilience and rewards that come from climate leadership above the risk and repetitional harm that are the consequences of inaction. 

The services I offer are geared to building effective climate strategies. In my experience the best strategies are meaningful, plausible and feasible. Sound strategies must reflect the highest possible ambition to spur innovation, drive transformation, and generate enthusiasm. They must be grounded in baseline diagnosis that are sound and reliable, and driven by theories of change that are logical. Finally, both the resources and enabling environment necessary for success should be in place or within reach.

I work with partners to design and execute effective strategies in the following ways:  

Robust Analysis

I believe every sound strategy begins with robust  analysis and sound diagnosis of the baseline. In the case of political analysis this means a identifying influence targets, potential influence champions, narrative devices to persuade the target audience, and an understanding of power dynamics. When working with companies the initial focus establishes baseline emissions, a comprehensive understanding of business risk, and a benchmarking of peers. The goal is to provide tailored insights and knowledge that provide the foundations for developing actionable plans and policies to support climate ambition. 

Actionable Plans & Policies

As Churchill once said "however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results". My work focuses on crafting tailored plans and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; to build resilience inside companies, across the supply chain, and within vulnerable communities; and to create policy enabling environments that catalyze ambition. This requires a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and context of each client and the system they operate within. I have designed policies for governments; comprehensive climate strategies for leading companies in the FBA (Food, Beverage and Agriculture), Financial Services, and ICT (Information, Communications and Telecommunications) sectors; and financial facilities for philanthropies. 

Influence and Advocacy

Every strategy needs effective champions and most stratgies are seeking to transform an individual, an organization or a system. As a result the best plans need to be supported by compelling approaches to persuasion. I work with different stakeholders to understand who needs to be persuaded, what vocabulary of arguments are needed to persuade, the windows of opportunity where odds of persuasion are increased, and who is most likely to be persuasive to any given influence target. I have been effective in this work in the political sphere building coalitions in support diplomatic / policy text and working with corporate leaders to influence their peers in business.