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Climate justice is a vision for a world in which everyone can lead a prosperous and dignified life within the boundaries of the Earth’s natural resources. It is a vision for a world that is low carbon, climate resilient, and inclusive, where human rights and environmental stewardship as equal and interdependent.

In 2019, I created the International Institute for Climate Justice, designed to advance the cause of a climate justice through public education, professional training and curriculum design.

The Institute’s signature product is the Climate Justice Leadership Training Program, a 16-hour training, delivered through an intensive two-day workshop. The aim is to professionalize climate activism and improve participants’ ability to influence public policy and corporate action. Together, we learn to properly diagnose climate risk; develop effective plans to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and build climate-resilience; and create sophisticated climate advocacy strategies to drive change. It is a mobile program, meaning it is delivered wherever there is demand, a host organization, and a venue suitable for accommodating the training. A variety of learning formats are used to develop the knowledge and skills that are essential to professionalize climate activism. 

Download a brochure for the Climate Leadership Training Program here.

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