Welcome to CameronClimate.com. I hope you will enjoy learning about my work to catalyze a low-carbon, climate-resilient and inclusive world.


I work with government, business, international organizations, non-profits, academic institutions and philanthropies to shape the policies and design the strategies that will build a just, sustainable and prosperous world.  

I have spent 23 years working on climate change, economic development, human rights in both the public and private sectors. My portfolio includes work on five continents with some of the world’s leading organizations and companies.

On this website you will find information on my work as a climate and development advocate, analyst and strategist.

  • The ABOUT section provides information on my background, experience, and mission.

  • The SERVICES section offers an overview of how I advise a broad-range of stakeholders across the globe.

  • The INSTITUTE section presents the work of the International Institute of Climate Justice, an educational platform I created to professionalize climate advocacy through education and collaboration.

  • The RESOURCES section offers free access to my public domain work, including published research reports, links to media work, and videos of public talks.

  • Finally, the CONTACT section invites you to start a conversation with me. I am always keen to collaborate.  

If you would like a snapshot of my vision for new climate leadership, please watch the annual Irish government climate lecture, delivered at the Mansion House in Dublin in May, 2019.

Please take some time to explore my website and contact me if you wish to pursue climate compatible development together! 

Thank you and best wishes,

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